Where is the Press?

July 30, 2006

Whether it be the Climate Change situation, the War in Iraq, the 9-11 conspiracy or any subject that is of high importance to the American People, we seem to get 2nd class attention by the media anymore. They seem to bop around and follow the political leaders on their boondoggle trips regardless of the importance of the topic. Yet, they do not seem to go after the really important issues of the day. What is especially strange is the lack of attention to the various allegations that the Bush Administration had a role in the 9-11 disaster. Watch this video and decide whether or not there are enough questions still outstanding relative to the manner in which this disaster was allowed to occur.  


The following links provide info on who owns what media outlet. This is key to better understanding what is motivating the media. It certainly isn’t the news or matters of great importance to the American people.





Latest Iraq Strategy 7-29-06

July 30, 2006

The Bush Administration has decided to send another brigade (3,700 troops) to Baghdad to help stop the violence between the various warring parties there. Yet, for months and years we have been told that when the Iraqi army and police stand up, we will stand down. Now after all of this time and cost, we now have to send in more US Marines to solve the problem.

When the truth is finally written on this chapter of American history, we will learn the following:

  • Our troops are being led by “yes men” that do not stand up to our misled civilian leadership.
  • The Iraqi soldiers and police are afraid of the insurgents and have no stomach for a “fight.”
  • The religious leaders are behind much of the trouble.
  • Most of the intelligentsia have already left Iraq leaving citizens of average intelligence and backgrounds to provide day-to-day leadership and direction to the population while their newly found government sits in the Green zone all day long.
  • The rate of insurgents entering the country and joining the movement has increased exponentially since the fall of Baghdad. It has never decreased.
  • The US Civilian leadership is inept and has no clue whatsoever in developing an effective strategy against a powerful insurgency.
  • The country is headed for a civil war with our troops in the middle.
  • Our troops are now only concerned with their own safety (it is rumored) and can no longer provide an effective defense for the average Iraqi citizen.

This list can go on and on, just has this war has.

So, what good will another 3,700 troops do for the situation?  None. The arrival of our troops will simply provide more targets for the terrorists I am sorry to say.

It is about time that the military leadership stand up and advise Bush and Rumsfeld that they cannot win this war in Iraq given all of the dynamics. Unless they start to provide honest feedback to Congress and the Administration, the government will continue to ask them to “stay the course” in a losing battle.

So when the final chapter is written, we will discover that our military leaders were intimidated by the Civilian government. We will also discover that our civilian government was completely inept and delusional in wanting to fight this war in the most violent and chaotic region on the planet – the middle east. There has NEVER been an army that could win in this region over a prolonged period of time. Never. There has also never been a case in which an “invading army” has effectively eliminated a dug-in insurgency. The Iraqis view the US as an invading army.

Combine the intimidated military leadership with our ineffectual lap dog congress and the fanatical Bush Administration, and you have a disaster which is why almost 20,000 of our soldiers have been wounded and 2,600 have been killed.

We need to exit that region and ask the surrounding Arab nations to help their neighbors gain control over the insurgency or the entire region will degrade further than it already has.  Enough is enough – get our troops out NOW!  


Welcome to the Free Thinking Person’s Blog!

July 30, 2006

This Blog will provide an honest and unbiased analysis of the policies and performance of the US Government. Since so many aspects of what the government does (or fails to do) affects each of our lives as US Citizens, it is essential that we monitor such activity and enforce the will of the American people on our elected officials. This has become eveen more critical since the Bush Administration took office.

We will post our honest assessments of the activities of the government and alam those officials who are engaging in illicit, unethical, and negligent activities. We will also point out when we believe that such activities are criminal in nature.

Registered members are invited to post their ideas and observations as well.

Maybe, just maybe, if enough citizens start to voice their concerns and speak openly about the abuses and negligence of our governement, it may begin to fulfill its duty to represent all of us, the legal citizenry of the USA.